Dialog Edit

Transcendence: "Hey there."

Startup Option 1 Edit

You: "Who are you?

Transcendence: "I got a name above my head, or at least I think so."

You: "Well...what is it that you want?"

Transcendence: "I wasn't ready yet! You had to give me more time to get ready."

You&Transcendence: "..."x7

Transcendence: "Alright, I'm done."

You: "Okay..."

Transcendence: "So there's this awful person named Llin messing stuff up downtown.

You: "Uh...alright"

Transcendence: "Could you please get rid of her? You can find her through that locked door."

First option Edit

You: "That wasn't dramatic at all!"

Transcendence: "I tried my best, alright?"

Second Option Edit

You: "How do I fight her if she's behind a LOCKED door."

Transcendence: "Pff, I don't know. I think there's some stuff under the door you should read. I never actually checked."

You: "Will do"

  • Transcendence: "Thanks, man."

You: "You know for a quest NPC you're not much help."

  • Transcendence: "Hey, I tried, that's all that really matters."

Startup Option 2 Edit

You: "Where am I?"

Transcendence: "I think the name of this game is "MOW MY LAWN" but you never know we might be playing Murder Mystery."

You: "That's not what I meant, but okay I guess"

  • Transcendence: "Glad I could help."

You: "Are all of the NPCs in this game so lame?"

  • Transcendence: "Who are you calling lame?"

Startup Option 3 Edit

Pre Llin Edit

You: "[Another dumb question]

Transcendence: "Well gee, I never thought of it like that."

Post Llin (needs some work) Edit

You: "I did what you ask."

Transcendence: "Thanks, now I can finally start my masterpla-I mean live in peace like any other boring NPC would."

You: "What was that last part?"

Transcendence: "Nothing."

Post Old One Edit

You: "Hey, so I was meaning to ask something."

Transcendence: "Sure, go ahead."

You: "I met this demon character down by where Llin was, do you know of any demons?"

Transcendence: "I don't make friends with demons, and I suggest you don't mention their kind around me."

You: "Huh? I was just asking if you knew anyone."

Transcendence: "You should go."

New battles are available in the lairs of your past foes.

Start down Option Edit

You: "Nevermind."

Transcendence: "Alright, seeya."