The Old One is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Final Boss Fight, the second Final Boss the Secret Bosses (Tier 2)


Spoilers below for those who don't have all the Tier 1 or 2 bosses. Edit

Boss Information Edit


The Old One.

You must beat all the secret bosses in the game. (AllAbyysal ArkSylvanaEssca, and Abyssal Reaper Inti.) You must also beat Llin.

The Old One is Sylvar, and the symbol of hope and kindness for the cosmos itself. -Old One's badge description

She has 155k HP, with your Final Engine nerfed by less movement speed and a 0.4 second forcefield. If you have already beaten her, she has 55k HP similar to Llin. She spawns on top of Gaea's tower because of a unique strategy that has something to do with spawnkilling her.

Literally the embodiment of RNG, seriously.

She is Sylvar Croati.

Dialog Edit

"Another misguided soul under the hands of Transcendence."

"You can go now."

"Please leave."

"You've done enough as is."

"Tell your silver-tonged manipulator that I will not stand for this."

"That's enough."

Attacks Edit

Similar to Llin's attacks, except she also can shoot a small stream of balls that seperate into more balls, and her slash does a bit more damage.


Like Llin, the battle is highly RNG based. This battle is probably even more RNG based then Llin though. You just have to find some way to deal the most damage with your Final Engine (Adjusting move sensitivity, rubbing with Final Engine faster or slower.) Do that trick for multiple runs, and hope she slashes you three times in a row, which is usually pretty rare to happen.

Trivia Edit

  • The Old One is a girl, and apparently was the lover of Llin, and in Chaos Yenti's badge description it would imply that she was also in love with The Old One. Along with Guest saying that the Abyssal Reaper is also in love with her.
  • She appears to hate Transcendence, and during the fight she will try to convince you to stop fighting.
  • Like Llin, The Old One has no victory screen. Probably because you will be dead by the time you kill her and if you beat Transcendence, Lunalamakiavelli will appear. and something else super secrety that is witheld.
  • Her theme is a metal arangement of the Dark Souls Theme