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The ark was the first boss added to Mow My Lawn. It is a battleship that is able to shoot out yellow lasers. It can be fought by entering the small shrine building in the bonus lawn "Old Mountain Shrine." Combat with The Ark will start immediately upon spawning.

Defeating The Ark will give you the Ark as a weapon.


The Ark's boss model

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Stats Edit

The Ark has exactly 7000 health, which slowly regenerates if damaged. (10 health per time period)

Attacks Edit

The Ark has four giant laser turrets, each with a different rate of fire and damage. Each laser can do tremendous amounts of damage, but are relatively inaccurate if the player keeps moving. Each turret has a set charge-up time, in which they automatically target the players position. If the player were to move out of that position however, the laser would still fire upon the set position the player was at during the charge-up period.

Guide Edit

There are turrets scattered around the arena where the player fights The Ark. Each one fires a single shot when activated, and have a slow recharge rate. Normal turrets deal 100 damage and recharge moderately fast. At the end of the map (relative to where the player spawns) is a giant turret that deals 400 damage, but takes a long time (a full minute) to recharge and can leave the player in a tricky area to maneuver around if used since turning back requires a full 180 degree turn into the firing path of an Ark laser. Getting cornered by a heavy blast is one thing; don't move so the rapid laser turrets will only nip at you instead of moving around causing more damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Dragonxmaster967 was the first to beat this boss, and was promoted to manly man because of it.
  • The main musical theme of The Ark is "Tutti Sound - ナオモ我、進軍セリ."
  • A strange variation of The Ark serves as the main arena in the boss fight with Sylvar Croati, the arena is a older version of The Ark, that was destroyed by a footstep from Sylvar.
  • According to the badge description, this is actually a weaker version of the original Ark, the other one was destroyed by Sylvar.
  • There is another version of this boss, called the Abyssal Ark. The AA's badge confirms that it is sentient and living.
  • The ARK stands for Annoyingly Repulsive Krapface. It's true!
  • The Ladder boss was made from a joke about The Ark.