Sylvar is a optional boss in MOW MY LAWN: Shadows on the Ground

Able to battle her by doing some super side quest with her and her mother.

Side quest WalkthroughEdit

1) Kill Solarisaverti.

2) Kill Gaea. Talk to the NPC that appears.

3) Kill Ulcerava. Talk the the NPC that appears.

4) Go to the bosshub. Talk to the NPC by the yenti portal.

5) Go to Old Mountain Shrine. Talk to the NPC that appears.

6) Defeat Transcendence, As know to be Sylvar's Grandmother

7) Defeat all tier 3-4 bosses + Divine engine.

8) That is it. You are now able to fight SSC.

Boss Information Edit

Before battle she is shown as Sylvar Solaris Croati - The Mad Archdemon Burning for Eternity, during the battle the title is replaced with Sylvar Solaris Croati - Kinetic Devastator.

She has 5.5 million HP, used to be 7 million, one player per server, and eight lives.

Defeating her grants you her weapon, Sev Gaus

This boss is only possible by using the speedglitch given by jumping and using certain directional keys while using Pathogen Y, or Guardians Powerhammer. Without it, this fight is legitimately impossible because of her spin attack.

Attacks Edit

  • Does a spin attack, doing 3-7 each doing small knock back and medium to high damage per hit (Depends on parts hit).
  • Dashes towards the player, instantly killing you if you don't roll.
  • Dashes towards the player, dealing small to medium damage, if a player has Stiegen she will steal it, and then destroy it.
  • Shoots a stream of small bullets, basically killing you if you don't roll.
  • Does a multi shot burst attack, able to kill you if you don't roll.
  • Does a red wave that does low-killing damage depending on parts hit.

Trivia Edit

  • As of now, she is considered a very difficult boss because of her fast movements.
  • In addition, only one person has legit beaten Sylvar before her health got nerfed to 5.5 million.
  • She is the insane form of supposedly the real Sylvar's counterpart, having gone mad from loneliness.
  • She is also armored against Divine Engine, as she at some point wielded the weapon.
  • She has seven wives, the current are Llin, Yenti, Ultiel, Inti, Eisl, and Rachel.