Weapon Information Edit

Sev Gaus is a bladed pistol, there really isn't anything special about it besides it's old model is used for the old version of WINNING, which is now an Embersteel BFG. That, and also there's two but you only use one of them.

Weapon Stats Edit

"The cores of Sylvar's twin pistols are crystalline hellfire which can absorb any form of energy."

Sev Gaus does 4.5k damage PPH, it has a fast roll that boosts walkspeed by 20 of the current amount, with the roll also having healing, and the weapon itself has lifesteal.

It has a super move in which you shoot a giant laser that deals 7 million damage to a boss, but usually it hits multiple parts so the blast does aproximately 21 million max. As well as damaging the player by 99 HP, usually leaving the player to having to roll to regain health unless they have extra health on bosses such as Divine Engine, which allows two shots before needing to healing without dying. Although the special is locked off to everyone but a select few people mostly because of the obsessive damage that it does anyways.

This weapon's special attack will be armored against Reality, because even Sylvar herself fears the infinite power of her mother.

Obtaining The Weapon Edit

To obtain this weapon, you must defeat Sylvar Solaris Croati which is part of a sidequest with lore.