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Abyssal Forge Goddess Senti is a boss in the first bonus pack of Mow My Lawn. She is the boss of the Abyssal Forge bonus lawn. Many players consider Senti to be one of the hardest bosses in the game due to her constant teleporting and unpredictable lasers/landmines. The battle takes place in an arena with a giant glowing red stiegen lodged into the center. Several giant swords can be found in the lava and some kind of building thing is across from where you spawn.


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Stats Edit

Senti has exactly 50,000 HP, which slowly regenerates if damaged.

Attacks Edit

Senti has four separate invisible nodes on her body that constantly fire lasers, much like The Ark. They vary in size and firing rate. One laser is huge, spawns tripmines, and can one shot you. The other laser is very thin and does very little damage to you.

Guide Edit

Get really close so that the tripmines don't spawn right on you, and keep spinning around her. Also good luck when she teleports. Preferably the way to go is to do a spiral lock in, but sometimes switching rotation direction works. Also, roll as much as possible to lower your chances of getting killed by a landmine or laser. Try not to jump up to her sword as that is where one of the laser nodes are located.

Trivia Edit

  • ??? used to appear in front of her portal.
  • Big_Rigs has confirmed that Yenti and Senti did incest and gave birth to Essca.
  • The badge has what is apparently an older version of Senti, as the current in-game model and the doll of Senti hold a Forgeblade.
  • Her last name is Alphega.
  • According to Guest, Senti was the first humanoid model he built, and he's used it for almost all humanoid bosses ever since.
  • Senti's old map used to be a plain arena with nothing on it.
  • For some reason, there appears that a big red version of Stiegen in the middle of the arena.

Senti's new map.