Rainbow Inti was the Alpha test boss for MEME SOULS.

She later appears in MOW MY LAWN on multiple occasions for side quests that eventually lead up to Sylvar, and Reality.


In Meme Souls, Rainbow Inti's attacks were..

  • Holding the scythe out and rushing towards who it is pointing at.
  • Summoning Generics with rainbow scythes that do a lot of damage compared to normal Generics.
  • Holding the scythe back, and then putting it forward to damage people infront of her.

Trivia Edit

  • In her small encounter, she was revealed to be the wife of Sylvar. Along with fighting the bosses that the player had fought before. Later leaving after killing about 1/4th of her family.
  • She later appears after defeating Sylvar Solaris Croati, eventually completely stopping her as she takes Sylvar elsewhere.