Overview Edit

The Plasma Chainsaw is a mower in the "saws" class of mow my lawn default shop. It appears to be a black and red chainsaw with a blade wreathed in red plasma. The head, body, and plasma storage drum could possibly be made out of special carbon (Manlinite). It is a very powerful mid-class mower.


The plasma csaw as how it looks. It'd just vaporize the lawn in an instant without any trace of trimmings to collect.

Availability Edit

The Plasma Chainsaw costs 100 trillion Trimmings, and is located in the saws category of the default shop interface. It has the icon of a normal chainsaw, but with a red sun underneath it. This could be thought to represent plasma.

Stats/Powers Edit

Using the plasma chainsaw nets the user 20 billion trimmings per part mowed, and has a one in 750 chance to grant the user a player point while mowing. It can be considered one of the most powerful medium-class mowers. Other than this, it possesses no other special abilities.

Trivia Edit

While the mouse-over description of the tool claims the plasma chainsaw is at around four trillion degrees Celsius (Centigrade) hot, the hottest plasma ever created by man is at a mere 3.6 billion degrees Fahrenheit, or around 2 billion degrees Kelvin.