Nil is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Broken Deity Nil

Boss Information

Deities are the eternal watchers of their separate domains, and are usually named after their places of origin. They answer to the all-encompassing super deity All, and seek only to maintain the order of the cosmos. What would happen if one of said domains were wiped out? What would happen to the keeper? Nil is the answer to these questions. Not even a record of the world Nil watched over remains, as the memories of the people and places are lost in its eye-less stare into eternity. Or perhaps Nils are the prototypes of a horrible experiment in mass production of divine beings, formed by a depraved god on the edge of sanity. -Nil's badge description, Disgusting Beast

Nil badge

Nil's badge image, Disgusting Beast

Considered the hardest boss in the game, with 7777 HP with 7 lives, and one person per server, you're pretty much screwed.

Defeating him gives you Zero Sum Value

Attacks Edit

Note: When charging up, black fire is emitted from his torso.

  • Shoots a massive cluster of large black orbs.
  • Erupts pillars from the ground that shoot players upward.
  • Shoots a large black ball that splits into smaller balls in a circle.
  • Fires a single, clumped shotgun burst of small black balls in the direction he's facing.

How to beatEdit

  1. Go to MOW MY LAWN
  2. Go in the house. Make sure not to fall off the path to it. Or you will die.
  3. Enter the large yellow transparent portal in the center of the house, don't bother with the locks until your more experienced.
  4. After entering, you will be teleported to the main bosshub, and there will be lots'a bosses.
  5. Go into the black portal labeled 'Broken Deity Nil'
  6. You are now battling him.
  7. Go straight for him, all the time. Try to do at least 1.15k health per life.
  8. Congrats!
  9. After fighting him, it is recommended that you fight Gemini next. However, it is not advised that you solo said boss, in fact, it's best to do it with 3 or more people.

Trivia Edit

  • After beating Nil, an audio will be played from a Roblox live stream in which when the admins were fighting Nil, one said, "I'm pretty good at Mow My Lawn, not gonna lie." on repeat.
  • Before Nil was added, it was listed as a Demon in Sacred List of Jerry.
  • Rainbow Inti appears after you beat Nil (Requires Inti's badge). Each time it is killed she will have different dialogue and will be in a different spot.
  • As a constant reoccurring joke that barely anyone gets because they don't know sarcasm through obvious choice of words, Nil is refereed to as the "Hardest Boss in the game".