The "Mower" type of mowing device is the cheapest and usually the first items a player will get in the game. From the default mower that they spawn with to the cheapest "upgrade" from their default mower. This is a hub to links to  every type of mower in the game that can be bought in the default shop.

(TpG) refers to Trimmings per Grass.

Scaling refers to how much the value is affected by manliness.

ST refers to a designated manliness scaling level that majorly increases the yield when that threshold is reached.

Mower Edit


The Mower is the default mower that players will spawn with, it is recommended to upgrade to a better mower quickly, unless you are truly MLG.

Price: Free

TpG: 1

Scaling: Unknown


are u casul?

ST: Unknown


Secrets: Unknown

Notes: Can be used to get a badge.

Silver MowerEdit


The Silver Mower is the cheapest and probably the first mower a player will get. The silver mower is just like the mower but upgraded. It has the highest manliness scaling in the game, according to guest, and is said to give around 1+E17 at 30 manliness, (Need confirmation) making it the best mower in the game.



Price: 600

TpG: 3

Scaling: High

ST: 30

Abilities: None

Secrets: At 30 manliness and above this mower will have an extra power boost of +5,000,000,000 and bonus scaling of +99,999, making the total trimmings gained (5,000,000,000 * (player manliness + 99,999)) + (1 * (player manliness + 3))

Notes: Pretty shiny.

Gold MowerEdit


How could you buy this with pieces of grass anyways?

The Gold Mower is a mower that is colored yellow rather than "shiny" and reflective gold, shh... I did not tell you that.

Price: 6000

TpG: 7

Scaling: Unknown

ST: Unknown

Abilities: None

Secrets: Unknown

Notes: Shiny

Roller Edit

The Roller is the last of the mowers available in the default shop, it has a large black cylinder to mow with. 



TpG: 35

Scaling: Unknown

ST: Unknown

Abilities: None

Secrets: Unknown

Notes: This thing doesn't necessarily mow the grass, it only flattens it. GG