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 Overview Edit

The default mower is a starter pack item all players start with when they enter a Mow My Lawn game server. It is usually the first thing players use to start playing Mow My Lawn, unless they bought gamepasses beforehand. The default mower is quite weak, and should be quickly replaced with a shop item.

Availability Edit

The default mower is free, and is automatically added to player inventories when they spawn. The default mower can be considered to be in the "mower" class of the shop, even if it is not bought from the shop interface. A special version of the default mower is placed in the starter pack of a player when they enter a bossfight, which has the ability to harm the bosses the player must fight.

Stats/Powers Edit

Using the default mower nets one trimming per blade part cut. The default mower also has a one out of nine hundred and ninety nine chance to grant one player point to the user. This means that the default mower (stat-wise) is the WORST mower in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Hitting the creator of Mow My Lawn with the default mower (and doing damage) will give the user a special roblox badge.
    • The badge is currently unavailable. It may become available in the future.