Maelin's boss model

Maelin is a General Boss, being the 2nd easiest General.

General Information Edit

"The red lord Maelin was produced during the first divine war from several different attempts at creating a suitable replacement unit in case the main front collapsed in Llin's favor. Maelin's face is horribly disfigured, with her eyes being replaced with horizonal gills filled with photoreceptive cells. 

Many years passed since, and Maelin attempted to take the Aetherian walls by force. She was stopped, however, by a heroic demon warrior. Why does Maelin fight?"  -Maelin's badge description.

Maelin has a total of 10 million HP, 10 lives per player and 10 people per server.

Strategy Edit

Have at least 1 person camp at the Volume speaker, and have another one take care of the Bassline and Gain speaker. The third person should be dealing damage to Maelin. Try to dodge her attacks. Repeat this until she's dead.

Maelin's badge, Metalhead Monster.

Attacks Edit

  • She has three loud speakers that slowly drain your health, and heals herself during that time. After the speakers are destroyed. They will start up again after one minute.
  • Quickly sends a red sphere to the closest player, immediately killing them if it hits.
  • Makes a sphere rain that slowly moves in the direction it was fired. Kills anything under it.
  • Move to a player and stab them, sending them flying in the air (Unless they are rolling)
  • Charge a gigantic laser attack for about 4.5 seconds, then launch the laser in the direction of the closest player. After shooting the laser, she will pause for about 3 seconds before resuming her attacks, giving a large opportunity for players on the offense to hit her.


"You are in the way of my perfect world."

"This is for the greater good! Can't you see?"

"I will protect my children from this harsh world in any way I can."


Trivia Edit

  • The music that is played when the speakers are operational and causing furious shaking is Two Steps From Hell - Fatal Fury.
  • The music played when the speakers are deactivated is Red Army Choir - The Red Army is the Strongest.
  • The three orbs that operate the speakers are Volume, Gain, and Bassline.
  • Stiegen allows her to be soloed. With the music on.

Gallery Edit

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When you teamwork just right.