Weapon Information Edit

The Lunar Jokoto is a powerful weapon with a crimson red blade and a white hilt. The hilt has a red diamond pattern and a red cap. When used, it emits red smoke particles that fade into white.

Weapon Stats and Abilities Edit

"Lunalamakiavelli tormented a young Sylvar Croati for her entire childhood, only stopping when the demon became a mindless killing machine." -Lunar Jokoto’s tool tip

  • 1350 PPH
  • Standard roll

Obtaining the Weapon Edit

The Lunar Jokoto is awarded with the “Super Hard Sidequest” badge. To obtain this badge, you must do the following in this order:

1. Beat the Tier 3 Final Boss, Transcendence

2. Go to Llin’s boss battle and beat The Old One once more, Talk to Luna when she appears.

3. Head to Luna’s portal and beat her.

4. Beat The Old One once more and talk to Luna once more.

After you have done this, you will receive the Super Hard Sidequest badge.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the addition of weapons like the Divine Engine and the Pathogen X, the Lunar Jokoto was the best MML weapon for a while.
  • The Lunar Jokoto Lunalamakivelli wields and is featured on the badge is different from the one you get. The lettering on Luna’s Jokoto doesn’t mean anything.