This is the dialog of Lunalamakiavelli if you manage to activate a sidequest.


Luna: Picking on the weak, I see. Very admirable.

You: What? Who are you?

Luna: Just a friend who admires your work. I too am a fan of picking on the little demon child and her gang of zealots.

You: I see...what are you doing here?

Luna: i just wanted to make sure you knew I was around as a friend who wants nothing more than to help a comrade out! Did you think I was here for malicious purposes?

You: No, no, of course not.

Luna: Well then. let's keep in touch then. I fear we may be fighting soon and seeing your current streak I'd hate to be on your bad side. Surely you must have noticed the shifting timeestreams flowing about everywhere. You and I, we're going to get to the bottom of this.

Option One

You: Oh, well then. I guess I'll see you around.

Luna: Have a nice day, new friend.

Option Two

You: Timelines? What?

Luna: Did you not notice your enemies coming back the moment you re-entered their abode? The way the world seems to warp and twist when you make a single move.

You: I...i don't know what to say.

Luna: The fact that we're the only two sane ones here means we should stick together, doesn't it?

You: Yes, of course. You have my word I'll stand by you.

Luna: Good! I only leave you with this: have our former comrades lost their minds, or did they have no minds to begin with?