Lunalamakiavelli is a General boss in MOW MY LAWN: Lunalamakiavelli


She is the opposite of Solarisaverti, being the moon goddess and being the easiest general boss.

Boss Information Edit

The battle is taken on a broken bridge hovering over a pit of a ravine with Auschwitz buildings on the sides.

The boss has 30 million HP, 13 lives per player and a max of 10 players per server.

Killing her rewards you her weapon, the Lunar Jokoto. (Only if you activated the sidequest and come back to talk to her)

Attacks Edit

  • Shoot out air strikes at random places, pretty depressing if you get hit by it.
  • Create a windmill that will spin and follow a player in the general place.
  • Create a rift to drag players into it while dealing damage over time, able to move people off of the bridge and fall.
  • Does a large AoE multi slash attack around her, able to kill you almost instantly without rolling, while being able to slightly move you and possibly off the bridge.
  • Charges up and shoots a huge laser that instant kills unless able to time the rolling.
  • Quickly shoots out a ball that can instantly kill at point blank without rolling.
    • Sometimes this orb may split into more orbs.



Luna with her Lunar Jokoto (Sorta un-see able to the left)

"Ha! I'm just getting started kiddo!"


  • Lunalamakiavelli Badge

    Lunalamakiavelli's badge image

    She has cool hidden dialog that can be found here.
  • Her boss music is Franz Schubert - Ave Maria. Most of you probably heard of this from Hitman.