Llinellinelentriellia is the Final Boss for the Archgoddesses (Tier 1) in MOW MY LAWN: Final Boss Fight

Looking for the non humanoid Llin?

Boss Information Edit

One player per server, and the player has one life. She has 50k HP, but only has 25k after defeating her.

Dialog Edit

"Your killing spree is over!"

"I won't let you hurt her!"

"You will proceed no further!"

"You're killing everybody!"


Phase 1 Edit

Llin is covered by a shield and fires homing projectiles, as well as a giant spinning block.

The player must destroy four orbs, each representing each Archgoddess, using the corresponding weapon.

Phase 2Edit

Llin gets real serious.

The player loses their Arch-weapons, which is replaced with the Final Engine.

At this point, Llin will either release a burst of giant orbs, or teleport to the player and slash them.  

If Llin teleports to the player, slashes them, and then fires a burst of orbs without returning to the center, death is nearly guaranteed. 

Upon defeating her, if you have defeated all of the secret bosses, The Old One will appear after five seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Llin appears in the room with The Last Blade, only saying "Who are you?"
  • This bosses 2nd phase theme is Gothic Storm - Legends Of The Apocalypse
  • This bosses 1st phase theme is Mozart - Confutatis (Requiem)
  • She has no victory screen. This is probably because you will be dead when you kill her. If you don't end up dead, you are probably heading towards The Old One, and it wouldn't make sense to have a victory screen before the next boss. 
  • Llin's sword is called the Jagoda. (Confirmed in MLG sword waving competition)