Chaos Llin

Llin is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Supreme Deity Llin. She is considered to be one of the hardest Tier 1 bosses.

Looking for the humanoid Llin?


Llin created the universe, along with everything with it. Eventually a artificial deity was created to fight hypothetical outside threats. The creation of the deity was viewed as a crime against nature by some, and as a necessary evil by others. This eventually sparked the first large scale war where it had Llin, who opposed it's existence, and Yenti, the deity's creator. Eventually Llin was cast into the abyss and Yenti claiming the throne of reality. During the time spent during the war, or after in the abyss, she transformed into a large monster.

Boss information Edit

Llin herself cannot be attacked, but rather, a teleporting red silhouette of human Llin.

She has 750k HP, six players per server with 7 lives per player, and a timer of 1,100 seconds. (about 18 minutes to kill her.)

Attacks Edit

Front of the map:

  • Laser pillars that slowly grow bigger and one shot you.


  • Player-launching columns, similar to Chaos Yenti, All, Nil, and Astara's. Also, tiny orbs that fling you off the map.


  • Death Windmill


  • Shoots a deadly shotgun blast at the closest player. (LAG DAMAGE REEEEEEEE)

Guide Edit

Use any long-ranged weapon (preferably ThistleBlade for the easy damage) and hide on a point of the map where only the Shotgun blast attack is a problem. Anytime the silhouette appears in an easily accessible point without being in the path of a pillar or tiny ball, go for it and wail on Llin. Also, pay attention for the shotgun blast. You can save a lot of your own lives by rolling when they're close by, as long as the server isn't too laggy. If it's laggy, then LAG DAMAGE REEEEEEEEEE.


Great Goddess GnasherEdit

GGG. Defeat Llin, holy martyr lord and supreme deity.




The third personality of Llin would only take this form during the conquest of both the underworld and Aetheria, post Llin's first resurrection. Divine blood rained from above, covering the land in crimson. This would only feed a great demon, however, who would save the land once again.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Sacred List of Jerry, this version of Llin is refered to as "Llin!Chaos". This may imply that she is related to the Chaos Bosses.
    • Although this may not be the case as the portal is labeled "LLin's Wrath" However, Llin's problems were caused by Transcendence, along with the other AGs. (Except for Ulcerava and Essca.)
  • Llin's transformation would be classified with the Chaos Bosses.
  • The song that plays while you fight Llin is Two Steps From Hell - Demon Rider.
  • This is only one of three versions of Llin.
  • She is confirmed to be the very first boss to have its model created and possibly the first to be thought up.
  • Llin used to spawn invincible copies of Divine Engine Omega in her old battle.
  • You can solo Llin with a Barbell.
  • Llin's arm is available as a mower in the Divine section of the Shop for 99 duodecillion trimmings.
  • After a recent update she now drops Innocence.