Insanity Yenti is a Final Boss for The Generals (Tier 4) in MOW MY LAWN: Padded Room.

Boss Information Edit

"I think you know the whole ordeal by now if you're going through the effort of looking at the IY badge description." -Insanity Yenti's badge desc

Her full name is Yentisalinavel Alphega Croati.

In-game she is called Yentisalinavel Alphega Croati - Scourge of Man

Having been the one in command of the Generals during the war between her and Llin, it should be pretty expected of her to be the Final Boss for them. The battle takes place in a mental ward. The lights will flicker on and off throughout the whole fight.

She has 30 million health. There are 7 lives for each player, and the player count is 10.

The boss has an opening where she's standing, then screams as blood starts gushing out with tentacles, starting the battle.

Attacks/Movement Edit

  • The lights turn off, she will teleport to another place and the lights turn on.
    • She has a chance of shooting a large short laser after teleporting.
  • Slam herself on the ground four times, then lays there for a few seconds to recover.
  • Slam herself in rapidly, pillars will rise and a fog will apppear on the ground, damaging everyone over time and through forcefield, players are needed to climb on the pillars.
    • Jumping as you try to find a pillar to climb on will reduce damage taken.
  • Gives herself a forcefield, preventing damage while spawning red Nils in random places, healing her for 70k, all Nils must be killed for the forcefield to disappear.

Quotes Edit

"Life burns around me."

"A nuclear bonfire."

"I died there."

"Gnashing teeth and broken bones."

"The ground became a bloody mud."

"You'll feel what I felt, give it time."

"I laughed as they melted."

"I won't let her forgive me."

"I consume the dead."

"The sky turned black with parasites."

"I am the one with the blood."

"We died again and again."

"I drank the blood from the mud below me."

"We sank ever deeper."

"Help me."

"The mud swirled with maggots."

"Terror, pure and absolute."

"Blood and bile consumed the land."

"I want to go home."

"I never should have left."

"I was so afraid...but it felt so good."

"The bones cut at our feet."

"The flies. They engulf the world."

Trivia Edit

  • Insanity Yenti's battle theme DOOM (2016) - BFG Division.
  • Insanity Yenti has the most quotes out of any boss by far.
  • Due to lore, she is armored against Divine Engine, as she was one of the ones to wield it.