Even though I made a page describing the shop, the location won't be revealed. Anyway, the hidden shop is like the alien shop, but it hides itself somewhere rather unusual.

Dolls Edit

All of the gods in the MML lore are in a doll form, well most of them anyways. They're purely cosmetic and they hide within the shop. You can use them to troll casuls with them by either trying to use it as a weapon or just making them think you defeated the bosses. Includes sexy maid dolls, like Ark Maid.

Final Engine Edit



The Final Engine is a weapon of the Divine Engine in the MML lore. It looks like a power drill with a blue glow on the drill bit. Trimmings are unknown but it has a boost ability which sounds like the heavy Ark cannon firing. A Boss Weapon version of it is used in the first two final battles aganist Llin and The Old One.

Zweihander Edit


are u casul?

The Zweihander is a ultra great sword from the game Dark Souls. It gives the badge The Legend Never Dies. If you don't even know what the Zweihander Is, then basically it's a very long great sword where you must be inhumanly strong to wield it. 


Even though... this does basically nothing but swing now.. but its still proof you're winner.

Silencer Edit



Too tired ite about it. There isn't really much to say anyways. There are no abiliities or anything special.


  • There are two Divine Engines, [Alpha?] and [Omega?] which seem to have an appearance of Sylvar although the divine engines takes a nil form.
  • R1 in the Zweihander badge stands for the right trigger which gives a 180 degrees sweep forward. If you ask me, ees op.
  • If you buy the Maid Yenti doll and you try looking up her skirt to see her vagina, it shows a picture of the Engineer from Team Fortress 2 with a caption labelled "NOPE"