Available once again from October 30th to November 1st (?)

People with Sev Gaus are able to get a new badge by beating him. (most likely will give some wacky pantheon shit)

Boss information Edit

The boss' HP varies upon the weapons the player has, lowest is 5k to 115 million.

Those who are early in the game will literally beat this boss to death without struggle.

Never to know the pain that the late game people face.


Attacks Edit

Attacks were based on your weapons, stronger and more annoying attacks as you got higher. (Editors Note: My memory is bad so...)

  • Fires quick burst shots at the player
  • Charges a large energy ball, then launches it at the player.
  • Fires a single shot at the player, healing the boss if it hits.
  • Does a flash attack that can blind the player.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to an small error, the Gyalogsag sorta floats despite being a ground boss, as it rotates itself to aim at the player.