Corpsewalker is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Corpsewalker

Boss Information Edit

In the depths, the Corpsewalker lurked. The shining crimson light in the abyss guided the archdemon down into destruction, where their souls would duel for ultimate 'possession' over the demon's body.

Soon the deity would know sorrow, and guilt, and pain. But yet, she would know joy, and mirth, and love. The conspiracy of the three cosmic powers would be 'one third' lost.

The Corpsewalker would turn to the code of knighthood in the darkest days of the universe, and assist in bringing light back to existence. -Corpsewalker's badge description, Halberd of Havoc

You have 7 lives, 1 person per server. She has 750k HP total (250k during the first phase, 500k during the second phase). She regenerates her health all the way when hit with archspear. She gives Carthage upon being defeated.

During her 1st phase, her title is Corpsewalker - Beast Unchained

In her 2nd phase, it is Corpsewalker - Knight Errant

Attacks Edit

Phase 1 Edit

  • Fires quick shots at the player
  • Bursts out multiple balls from herself, which then targets the player.
  • Gets into a position to melee, has a two to three second delay before actually attacking.

Phase 2 Edit

  • Dashes at the player performing multiple stabs at the player.
  • Dashes at the player and performing one single stab.
  • Shoots out fast energy balls at the player
  • Charges up, then releases a large AoE around herself.
  • Dashes at the player performing multiple stabs at the player and then summoning a shitload of orbs.