A retired tool for those in the FoMT , replaced with Llin's Spear.

Overview Edit

The GAR Scythe was a weapon which could only be used by those who are in the Man rank or above. This weapon comes along with the omen pistol weapon.

Grand Abyssal Reaper Scythe

The GAR Scythe.

Availability Edit

It is now impossible to obtain.

Stats Edit

Damage: 0

Range: About 5-10 studs

Abilities: Clear Exploited trimmings and give you Manliness Points.

Trivia Edit

  • Considered harder to use against some hackers since they can probably kill you before you reach them.
  • The Scythe is a dark colour to go with the "abyssal" theme. Abyssal themed items in Dark Souls are often grey and black due to the abyss being a dark place.