Overview Edit

The Geiger was an item in the MOW MY LAWN shop interface. The Geiger was in the "guns" section of the shop. It costed one quadrillion, as much as a REAVER-1500. It was one of the most deadly mid-range items in the game. It has since been removed from the shop.

Availability Edit

The Geiger radiation thrower costed one quadrillion trimmings, making it the same price as the REAVER-1500, another kind of gun. While this may seem expensive, the Geiger made up for this in raw power.

It is now removed.

Stats/Powers Edit

The Geiger fires as long as the LMB is held down. It shoots out like a flamethrower and has the "flame thrower" spread affect. It leaves behind an eerie green fog on the bodies that it kills.

This gun is able to break body parts. If a target survives an attack, they have a chance of having a camera glitch. The Geiger also gives 2000 trimmings to the user and to afflicted targets, making it a very powerful weapon.

Victory dance

Note the 3 cam glitched players and the heavy green fog.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Geiger" is from the Geiger Counter. The Geiger counter is an item that shows how much radiation is in an area. The Geiger gun shoots out radiation.


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