Gaea is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Imperialist Gaea

Boss Information Edit

Defeat the imperialist Gaea, and topple her delusions of an empire. Awoken from eternal slumber within another dimension by the archdemon Sylvar, Gaea foolishly betrayed her savior and attempted to recreate the reign of the gods on Earth. It did not exactly work out. -Gaea's badge description, Glory or Death

Gaea is one of the main bosses in the game, one of the five grand souls required for the final boss. Defeating her will give you a mower, and a weapon, Hellfire Candle

She has 500k HP, one player per server, and you have only one life.

Attacks, Minions, and forms. Edit

First Form Attacks: Edit

In her first form, she'll fire simple red lasers at you, the charge time is somewhat slow and it shows you where it'll fire. But she will spawn red beams that are extremely fast, it's recommended to climb on the edge of the arena to avoid them or kill them with a weapon(not really recommended if you don't have a good weapon). She has two orbs that you MUST kill to reach her, Ace and Joker, killing them will result in her second form, and the actual battle.

Second Form Attacks: Edit

The red beams that are spawned are now a lot more slower than in her first form, but she will spawn a lot of them, so don't get cornered. Her lasers will be more faster charging and a lot more will be shot at you in the general direction of your character, and every 20 seconds she will use a windmill attack that can either one shot you or damage you greatly.

Notes: Overall a simple boss, easy to beat if you have patience to wait for her windmill attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Gaea or Gaia is a Greek goddess who created Earth and Titans, and was amongst the first to come out of the Chaos, the greek origin of reality.
  • The song in Phase 1 is the Crysis 2 Menu music.