The main group for MOW MY LAWN.

Ranks Edit

There are 7 ranks (not including Shark Puncher)

  • [1] Negative Man
  • [2] Man
  • [3] Manly Man
  • [4] Manlier Man
  • [5] Man
  • [6] Manly Admin
  • [7] Lord of Men

Group-Exclusive Weapons Edit

The Laser Pistol and Llin's Spear are both Group-Exclusive weapons. They can reset the Trimmings of hackers. To obtain, you must be a [2] Man.

Llin's Spear, upon resting someone gives you ~7 Manliness.

Praising the Sun Edit

Taken from Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls), many people praise the sun on Solar Sunday in this group.

Gallery Edit