The main group for MOW MY LAWN.

Ranks Edit

There are 7 ranks (not including Shark Puncher)

  • [1] Negative Man
  • [2] Man
  • [3] Manly Man
  • [4] Manlier Man
  • [5] Man
  • [6] Manly Admin
  • [7] Lord of Men

Group-Exclusive Weapons Edit

The Laser Pistol and Llin's Spear are both Group-Exclusive weapons. They can reset the Trimmings of hackers. To obtain, you must be a [2] Man.

Llin's Spear, upon resting someone gives you ~7 Manliness.

Praising the Sun Edit

Taken from Solair of Astora (Dark Souls), many people praise the sun on Solar Sunday in this group. dannyha created Solar Sunday when he first joined the group.

Gallery Edit

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