Overview Edit

The Excalibur is a mower in the blade class of mow my lawn default shop. It is a sword, retextured with a shiny gold coat. Unlike most mowing devices, if you click, you perform a downward chop attack like the Bacon Greatsword. Named after the famed sword "Excalibur" from legends, you can now wield this mighty weapon from lore in your hands.

Availability Edit

The Excalibur costs 300,000,000 Trimmings, and can be bought in the default MML shop in the "blades" category.

Stats/Powers Edit

The entire sword is able to be used to mow. If you die and the weapon falls out of your hand and lands on grass, the area where it lands will be devoid of grass upon impact. This is useful in pvp because, if you die extremely close to your opponent, there is a chance that they will walk over your sword and they will either lose a limb or die. The Excalibur gives 10 million trimmings per blade. Although it's good stat wise, the sword has many inconvenient features. Because you can't chop the grass with your legs, you need to have someone to mow your legs off, meaning that the Excalibur is useless in private lawns most of the time.

Trivia Edit

Made of gold

Can cut grass (even though some people claim it can't)

Can server limbs and anything that touches it after the user dies and it drops to the ground.