Not to be confused with Divine Engine.

Divine is a shop category that can only be obtained by defeating Final Bosses

The shop items make it possible to get Zweihander.

Current Items Edit

Tier 1 Edit

Gaea Blade Edit

Cost: 3 Sixtillion

Ultiel Chainsaw Edit

Cost: 3 Octillion

Ulcerava Spear Edit

Cost: 2 Nonillion

Yenti Blade Edit

Cost: 1 decillion

Llin Arm Edit

Cost: 99 Duodecillion

Tier 2 Edit

All Tank Edit

Cost: 3 Octillion

Essca Trashcan Edit

Cost: 2 Nonillion

Abyssal Ark Blade Edit

Cost: 1 Decillion

Sylvana Decimator Edit

Cost:99 Duocellion

Inti Scythe Edit

Cost: 999 Tredecillion

Tier 3 Edit

Yenti Throne Edit

Cost: 999 Tredecillion

Gaea Throne Edit

Cost: 1e+50

Ultiel Throne Edit

Cost: 1e+60

Tier 4 Edit

Lunalamakiavelli Tank Edit

Cost: 1e+50

Maelin Tank Edit


Cost: 1e+60

Solarisaverti Tank Edit

Cost: 1e+75


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