Weapon Information Edit

The Divine Engine is a white and gray handled weapon, with random things such as a little crystal in the ring under the handle, and a sane Sylvar Solaris Croati keychain.

Weapon Stats Edit

"The divine engine is a construct of unlimited divinity. Many gods and demons tried to master this power, but only two or three have succeeded" -Divine Engine's tooltip

The weapon does 6666 damage PPH (Per Part Hit) and is the highest damaging weapon currently not counting Sev Gaus' special attack. It does not roll like Stiegen but it supplements this through a fast attack speed, hilariously enough it's DPS is worse when wiggled unlike most weapons.

This weapon is useless against Sylvar Solaris Croati and Insanity Yenti (As well as normal Yenti) as they were either Divine Engine holders/capable of using Divine Engine.

Obtaining The Weapon Edit

To obtain the weapon you have to defeat Divine Engine, one of the now impossible bosses in the game, the portal is a white portal inside of Ancient Graveyard, which can be obtained through Lawn Pack 2.

Trivia Edit

  • Also its had a few changes, only Big_Rigs had them at the time the earliest version was a really large and long sword that could hit the old Gemini from her wall. Another was a somewhat shortened version, that had some scythe blades or whatever and was at some point originally going to be used as a Pantheon weapon.