Divine Engine is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Ancient Graveyard

Not to be confused with the boss weapon of the same name, the Final Engine, or the mowers.

General Information Edit

Annihilate the split form of the divine engine bearer. The divine engine is a power inconceivable by any physical form, and thus it must alter the form of that which wields it into that which transcends physical bodies. It appears as though this bearer could resist the overwhelming might of the divine engine enough to keep a physical body, albeit one split into two forms. What sort of monster could this be? The Divine Engine bearer now sits by the old shrine dedicated to those whom it has fought both beside and against, keeping it nice and clean. Maybe it should be left there in the memorial, where it belongs. -Divine Engine's badge description, Touche

The fight takes in a area where it has two statues, Sylvar and Auna (In a maid outfit) shaking hands.

10 players per server, 7 lives per player, and 30 million for both, total of 60 million HP.

Both of the Divine Engines are impossible for these reasons:

  • Alpha now has ungodly lifesteal per attack
  • Omega's lifesteal termendously increases if you even manage to beat Alpha when she's at half HP.

Defeating Divine Engine will give you the weapon Divine Engine

Attacks Edit

It is preferred to take out Alpha first, as Omega will give you PTSD.

Alpha Edit

The offensive one of the duo, has a variety of attacks that can life steal and deal mass amounts of damage.

  • She will shoot pillars at the nearest player that pushes them back, freezes players.
  • A line of balls will come from the group up, then back down.
  • Charges up, preforms two giant slashes afterwords.
  • Preforms a small line of multiple slashes infront of her

Omega Edit

The defensive one, doesn't deal much damage and her attacks are slow, but it does chip away at your health for Alpha to kill you. She also preforms burning damage, removing your limbs/weapons.

  • Parries (Giant hexagons, single slash, heals 10 million)
  • Spawns balls that shoot
  • Does multiple slashes bursting out her body
  • Charges up, then preforms a cylinder blast, people hit will heal her by 1 million per hit part

Trivia Edit

  • Before the new Llin update, Llin summoned copies of Omega, named "Sylvar."
  • The arena was originally going to be a patch of grass with massive cherry maple trees. However, the ROBLOX Studio crashed.
  • Their theme is Demetori - Final Sorcery