Gemini is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Diamond Angel Gemini

Boss Information Edit

Gemini was born into poverty, with only the clothes on her back and the blood in her veins to remind her she was even alive. Seeing no other choice, Gemini turned to the military. Through sheer force of her raw determination, Gemini rose to the rank of archangel, and lived in all the comforts nobility could give. Gemini was the most zealous of her kind, and could recite the entirety of the doctrines of heaven by heart. Her heart, however, was stolen by the charms of Yentisalinavel Alphega, who at the time was only just recovering from rampant bouts of madness. Over the years the two matured and grew together as souls entwined by love. Gemini was brutally slaughtered by a rampaging archdemon during the second war of the divines. As she bled out onto the sand, her last thoughts were not of the holy doctrines heaven force-fed her, but of the one she loved the most. -Gemini's badge description, The Crusade Continues

Gemini has 250,000 HP, six players per server, and seven lives per player.

Her in-game title is Diamond Archangel Gemini Eternal Crusader

Defeating her will give her weapon, the Diamond Spatha in a smaller form.

Attacks Edit

  • Has a shield that rotates from platform to platform that instakills you.
  • Slashes you and shoots an orb at you.
  • Summons tiny orbs to be thrown at you.

Quotes Edit

  • "Our endless crusade lives on!"
  • "For the holy land!"
  • "Strike the infidels down!"
  • "Forward to victory!"
  • "Divine justice!"