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Guest Und Panzer

The Decitron was a mower in the vehicle category. The Decitron was modeled after a tank. It was not modeled after a tank model in particular. This tank was able to be manned by one man unlike most tanks. The tank features a vision slit, a barrel that shoots, and a sawblade for mowing down people.

Availability Edit

The Decitron costed 1 Quadrillion trimmings in the "Vehicle" shop. The Decitron was the most expensive vehicle in the category, but it was worth it. It has great speed and firepower compared to the tractor.

It is now removed.

Stats/Powers Edit

The tank was able to shoot out large red beams of laser that explode upon contact. It has a high rate of fire and the blasts were larger than the reaver. The lasers also made a louder noise than the reaver. The Decitron was also able to move quickly like the tractor. The Decitron's front saw blade was able to maim players.

Trivia Edit

  • It was a tank.
  • You were still able to fire the gun even when you are dead (for a while)
  • The Decitank was made by dannyha along with the tractor.
We are tank