Who else remembers this guy lol

the friggin awesome overlord is 2 awesome for your eyes Edit

Dannyha is a supreme overlord who randomly took over this page.

If you see him you should run away because im using serious text to tell you this message.

He is commonly seen on MML games rekting any exploiters who come by him. He is also very cool and eats doritos 24/7.

reasons why you should totally flee on sight:

  1. hes awesome
  2. hes super effective
  3. he will take away ur trimmings for a living
  4. he eats doritoes!
  5. he drinks milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes too strong!

TRIVIA (caps cause i smoked weed) Edit

  • he is so awesome coz he eats seaweed
  • he is vietnamese
  • he is not fat and super ninja-like
  • he got permanently banned by Roskrub admins.



thats my family on the right


this is gangtsr joey my friend on the right