Chaos Archgoddess Yenti is a horrifying secret boss that can be found in normal Yenti's battle map.

She's post Transcendence Yenti that has been driven mad.

Boss Information Edit


YENTI is a beast. YENTI founded the Transcendence project. YENTI has lustful madness that can only be quelled by The Old One's love. -Chaos Yenti's badge, decoded.

During her beta, anyone who beat her would get a Auschwitz entrance (Hell's Gate) beta mower.

Chaos Yenti has 750k health, standing on nothing but her hands (See model) making her extremely hard to be hit on the front with weapons such as Thistle Blade. She has the same timer as Yenti: 1100 seconds, and screams like a dying cow. She is also required to fight the third final boss in the game, Transcendence.

1 player per server, along with 1 life.

She's a relatively easy even with 750k HP, since she has a godly amount of hit parts to easily tear through, mostly from her tentacle hentai.

Literally went from one of the hardest Archgoddess to the easiest Chaos Boss.


Chaos Yenti's Badge


  • An explosion, killing everyone around her.
  • A giant explosion of red balls.
  • Shoot a stream of red balls at a player, the balls may or may not remove Arch Goddess weapons.(Such as Sylvana, All, Inti, and Transcendence)

Bugs/Glitches Edit

  • Last Resort is not in your inventory.
  • While other Chaos Boss portals cannot be entered unless you have beaten the Old One, you can still enter Chaos Yenti without those requirements.

Trivia Edit

  • In Chaos Yenti's battle, several Nils can be seen impaled by tentacles.
  • One of Yenti's spears can be found, embedded in the ground.
  • She's possibly the easiest Chaos boss out of all the others.
  • Last Resort used to not appear in the players inventory, however that seems to have been a bug, it is now fixed.
  • She is the only Chaos Boss whose portal has no requirements for entering.
  • Chaos Yenti is probably the most mentally unstable boss in the whole game, right next to Sylvar Croati, Insanity Yenti, and Astara.
  • She has a very unique victory screen.
  • Her boss title was the main reasoning as to why the Tier 3 Bosses are labeled as Chaos Bosses.