Not to be confused with Boss Mowers.

List of Boss Weapons Edit

Tier 0 (Bonus Bosses) Edit

Tier 1 (Archgoddesses) Edit

All of the AG weapons can be removed by All, Chaos Yenti, Sylvana, and Inti. Last Resort is an exception, it can only be removed by All. You can press X to roll, giving you a temporary forcefield.

Tier 3 (Chaos Bosses) Edit

Tier 4 (Generals) Edit

Tier 5 (Finals) Edit

Others Edit

Unimplemented/Scrapped/Unobtainable weapons Edit

Guardian Blade (Removed) Edit

Did 150 PPH, yeah. (Replaced by Archspear.)


Can't get much sharper than an axe made of diamond!

Obtained by defeating the old Gemini.

Does 20 damage PPH.

No longer obtainable, but still usable by those who have the old badge.

Crayon Edit

The Crayon was originally supposed to be the boss weapon for Sylvana. However, it never got added because nobody was able to beat the beta

Slayer Edit

The Slayer is Auna's sniper. It was originally going to be used as a club.

Columnblade (Removed) Edit

The Columnblade was the weapon Yenti used to give. However, it was replaced by Last Resort. Currently, the weapon is present in Phase 1 of Llinellinelentriellia. Its swinging animation makes it a bit tricky to hit stuff that isn't a boss.

Work In Progress weapons Edit

 Reality's weapon Edit

It's part of a work in progress sidequest.