Beta Mowers are awarded to those who beat bosses during their beta testing, and earn the beta badge

Current mowersEdit

Yenti's SpearEdit

The spear that originally bound the supreme deity Llin to her prison in the void. But, if you have it....that means....

RobloxScreenShot09112015 201103692

This mower was given to those who defeated Yenti during the beta test fight. It gives 5e+013 trimmings per blade cut.

Crummy MowerEdit

Something something fast.

This mower was given to those who defeated Nil during the beta test fight. It's...quite crummy.

Hell's Gate MowerEdit


This is a house, not a concentration camp.


Cool sword.

  The edgiest mower around.

This mower was given to those who defeated Chaos Yenti during the beta test fight. It resembles Auschwitz.


Hellfire is Chaos Gaea's sword earned from the Chaos Gaea beta. It gives alot of trimmings, enough to easily pass the gap between 3D Gear 2 and 3D Gear 3.


Abyssal Ark mowerEdit

Since only Guest000o and Erniec have the beta badge for Abyssal Ark, it's unlikely a mower for this boss will be implemented.

Sylvana MowerEdit

Since nobody was able to defeat Sylvana during the beta, this mower was not created.

According to Guest, it was gonna be a mower that changed from colorful to a demonic red when the player clicks.

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