MML Details Edit

MML Behavior: He has a strange way of killing people, or should I say a strange addiction. I tend to get angry sometimes and reaver all the nubcaiks who try to kill me. nuff said.

I currently use Serenade. Edit

Most of the time I just go into the game to rek everyone to get some friends a server by thereself, then I just watch them mow *stare*

My FoMT rank is [2] Man

That reset scythe (useless)

That laser pistol (not so useless)

I spend an hour or 2 on MML each morning, because school. school.

I have beaten sentu, get rekt.

I have beaten the ark, and I am proud.

Sylvar is hell.

Grand corpsewalker is conquered by Olifrek

People who are worthy enough to beat me Edit



OpenSourcererMicol (AKA SazAmethystBlazblue)


Mr Creator (Guest000o)

Masterminde4040 (kind of)



(To be added) Edit