Auna is a boss in MOW MY LAWN: Iron Angel Auna

Was removed at first because of the weapons becoming increasingly smaller.

Not being added back into the game because Big_Rigs is too lazy/doesn't want to remake Auna.

Boss Information Edit

Take down the Iron angel Auna. -Auna's badge description, Sniper-buster

She's the only boss that can fly smoothly, while wielding a triple barreled sniper rifle at you while shooting from afar.

One person per server, one life, and she has 90k HP.

Attacks Edit

Normal Shots: Auna uses her sniper and tries to snipe you from like 50 blocks away. Her shots are fast and can go through walls, so it's never safe against her. Damage varies.

Bullet Mine: Just like few bosses, she uses her sniper and launches a mine. Beware that it's deadly like the others. Auna uses the most mines out of all the bosses.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a maid version of this boss, which was made when Big_Rigs made a bet in Meme Simulator, where if anyone kills him at least once he'll make Auna into a maid and have her as a boss.
  • Auna has been confirmed to be re-done as a actual boss. Whenever it comes about.
  • She's Zultralazul's MML waifu.
  • She is currently the only boss that doesn't have lore in her badge desc. However in the Pantheon schematics she had accidentally shot her sister when she was attempting to kill Sylvar. While having an intense hatred for her as she blames her for her sister's death.
  • Auna is listed under "Bonus Bosses" in the Pantheon Schematics.