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Boss information Edit

Astara is an archdemon, and is one of the extra bosses of the Main Lawn.

Stats Edit

DSFR (Lives): 4 HP: 400K per life

In a mad quest to attain perfection and immortality, the archdemon Astara stumbled on a horrible truth that destroyed his mind and body. In the end, however, Astara is just another beast to be annihilated. Good job. - Astara's badge description, Demon Hunter


Astara's front view



Attacks Edit

  • Pillar attack (Launches player)
  • Chest machine gun
  • Orb burst
  • Giant gravity orbs

Minions Edit

  • Diamond, Ace, Spades, and Hearts all follow the player

Astara's badge image, Demon Hunter


  • There is a rare chance that the DSFR will drop from 4 to 0 instead of 3.
  • There is also a rare chance that Astara will stop moving and/or shoot his chest lasers at all.

Dialogue Edit

  • Astara's dialog is mostly about controversy and humanity, many involving the United States of America
    • "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams." [Popular 9/11 conspiracy theory]
    • "Cheney made money off of the Iraq war."
    • ''People fight and kill each other everyday, and there's nothing you can do about it.''
    • ''Evil is truth. Purity is merely entertainment.''
    • "Why haven't we solved problems in the Middle East yet?"[ISIS, Iraq, etc..]
    • "People kill each other every day."
    • "Zero one one two three five eight thirteen twenty-one thirty-four fifty-five...." [Fibbonaci sequence]]
      • DSFR stands for Deaths Sponged From Reigon

The music that plays during the fight is Two Steps From Hell - Professor Pumplestickle