These are items that can only be acquired by admins or by exploiting. These items can be considered overpowered by some but, only the admins are allowed to wield them in PvP. Many of these items have special abilities or are just generally better than what we are able to get in the normal shop/gamepass.

-Summoner Staff Edit

Summons a MowerBot.

-Rainbow Shotgun Edit

Shoots a spread of rainbow-colored lasers that kill instantly.

-Wombo Combo Edit

Summons tanks to rain bombs on the lawn.

-Test mower Edit

A lime-green normal mower. Gives one decillion trimming per mow and awards the user all player points.

-Griefer Edit

A chainsaw with multiple heads spreading around in a conical style. Trimmings given unknown

-Maser Edit

A chainsaw resembling the ash but has a laser in the center of the saw instead of a saw head. It gives around 100 thousand trimmings.

-Hydra Edit

[Testing Weapon]The Hydra is a radiation pistol which will poison a person if hit. The body part hit will turn green while the target slowly loses health and then the part will turn black.

-Unit Edit

[Testing Weapon]The Unit is a LMG that has a shotgun-like spread. Hitscan+multiple beams= ded.exe.

-Tartarus Edit

The Tartarus is an assault rifle with a bayonet under (for looks). Each beam deals fair amount of damage but also leaves a burn effect. The new Apollo's new firing system is similar to the Tartarus.

-Kinslayer Edit

A purple reaver with a little purple transparent window below it for some reason, probably just to look cool.


A large, gray hammer with a claw at the bottom of the handle. Has an icon at the bottom for some reason.

-Six Shot ReaverEdit