Abyssal Ark is a secret boss in MOW MY LAWN


Abby ark

Abyssal Ark's boss model

The Abyssal Ark is the artificial soul of The Ark after being killed by you. This fight takes place in the Old Mountain Shrine, as the Ark's soul is trapped there. Strangely, you don't need to have The Ark killed first to fight this boss.

Boss information Edit

The Abyssal Ark has 500k health, 10 lives per player and 1 player per server. It is one of the five bosses required to fight The Old One, who is the second final boss of the game.

Attacks Edit

The boss attacks using 4 large turrets, with one large "superturret". Each turret fires a large blue shotgun blast of energy. These can be very hard to dodge. Mainly because of lag damage.

To damage it, one must hit the crystal located on the middle platform.


All things must die someday, even if that thing is a sentient battleship crafted in the heart of the abyssal forge. But where does the soul go? An artificial soul such as the one The Ark carries goes straight to the abyss, where it is tortured for all eternity. This badge was given out to those who finally finished off The Ark, and ended its suffering forevermore. -Abyssal Ark's badge description, Abyssal Ark


  • It is the largest boss in the game, being a giant battle ship and all.
  • The music played while you're fighting the massive ship is called "Soviet March" from Red Alert 3.