Overview Edit

"They are the grass and we are the mowers!" - 3Dgear 1 Description

The first 3D gear is two blades which give about 100,000,000 trimmings per blade. Although it has a decent TPB, it can only cut on the sides of a robloxian. The 3dgear charge ability can render those out in the open unable to strike you. A good tactic with the 3dgear is to do a "cyclone" spin, which'll cover all sides, oh you might want to use mouselock during PvP while using this. Usually, the 3dgear is associated with exploiters, because alot of people are saying the "Exploiters" spam the 3dgear.

RobloxScreenShot09062014 142450519

The dual blades or 3dgear.

RobloxScreenShot09062014 142458485

Angled view to see the blades a little better.

Stats Edit

Cost: 100 billion trimmings

Range: About 10 studs from side to side

Tier: Blades

Ability: Clicking with it gives a speed boost for a few seconds. Cooldown is estimated to be ~5 seconds.

Tip: Use the 3D gear when the lawn is fully grown and finish it off with a different tool.

Trivia Edit

The blades resemble the 3D Manuver Gear from Attack on Titan.

The cheapest of the 3D Gear series.

The blades keeps its Charge ability, but lacks the abilities to grapple, throw, and reload the blades.

It was one of the few items that could regen lost parts and limbs before the update where tool breaking was made nearly impossible with the exception of a few special tools.