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New Gamepasses

When MML got changed to MML 2,ALL of the gamepasses we bought are now worthless
How do all ya guys think of that?
  • I love it(if you pick this, who are you)
  • I hate it
  • A third option i didn't think of
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since nil now gives a good weapon

this might mean bigrigs will buff forgeblade arkbat and halbred!
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yenti and sylvar are related
they both have the same last name
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Is there a good stradegy for final Llin?

I've tried again, and again to fight this boss with no luck. Either I don't dodge her melee attack in time or lag damage completely screws me over. Any good stradegy?
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when solaris

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Chaos Nil
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A path to bosses

I remember masterminde posted on the wall quite long ago in a path to what boss you do first then continue upwards.  I know that it starts with The Ark.  What comes next after that?
-Recovering FOMT Rank Saz
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Yo yo it's the brand new raid team forum.

I forgot what forum actually means but it's probably something good so there you go.
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SIlver mower got a buff

needs more kebab
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Holy crap guys we have a forum.

A legit forum.  But how does this possible?
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